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Dog Boarding Playtime and Activities

The knowledgeable staff at Elaine’s Pet Resorts understands each pet has a unique personality. Our experience shows that the more interaction and activity pets receive, the healthier and the happier they will be. We offer a variety of individual and group play options as well as pampering for your pets.

Rather than including a one-size fits all approach to activities, we realize each pet parent knows their pet best, so you can choose the right amount and type of activity for your pet. Our facility also gives dogs the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs—SAFELY! Call us today to customize your pet’s activity options and learn about our discounted activity packages. Our experience has clearly demonstrated, and experts agree, that pets who enjoy daily exercise and human interactions are happier and healthier, especially when they’re away from home. When visiting Elaine’s, our pet guests can choose from a variety of activities that provide exercise, socialization, one-on-one time with the pet care staff, pampering and relaxation. We offer and recommend the following activities to satisfy the needs of all our guests.

Dog Boarding Social Activities, Exercise and Companionship

Your pet will receive high quality, star treatment from our caring and experienced staff members. We know that the happiest pets are active and engaged pets. Our specialized activities and interaction pamper guests throughout their stay. Activities are offered as packages and a la carte to best suit each pet’s needs.

 Play Group

Lush, green play yards and a beach front entry to Fresno and Madera’s only supervised doggy waterpark set the stage for a one-of-a-kind play group experience. Your dog can splash and be merry with dogs of similar size and temperament. Under the supervision of trained staff, your dog will be sure to make new friends!

Personal Play

Special, one-on-one personal play session pairs your pet with one of our staff members. They can bond over their favorite game, such as fetch or tug, and enjoy a trip to the water park.

Business Walks

Just like at home, our business walks provide guests with the opportunity to relieve themselves in our grassy courtyard. Business walks can be scheduled at the discretion of parents to meet pet’s specific needs.

Tuck In

After a fun-filled day of play, just like at home, your best friend can be tucked in for the evening. A bedtime story and plenty of belly rubs will send your pup into a tranquil night’s sleep.