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Professional Dog Training In Madera and Fresno

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your dog regularly takes YOU for a walk, jumps on visiting friends and family, and just can’t stay still – no matter how many times you tell him to stop! This is a story we’ve heard over and over again. We can help! Lodge & Learn Dog Training at Elaine’s Pet Resorts is just what your dog needs to stop these unwanted behaviors and improve communication between you and your pet.

Lodge & Learn Training at Elaine’s Pet Resorts

Make the most of your dog’s stay with us and sign them up for our Lodge & Learn Training program. Your furry scholar will enjoy an individual play session to get them relaxed and ready for 45 minutes of one-on-one training with one of our experienced trainers. At the end of their 5, 10, 20 or 30-day program, you will receive a leash and collar specially selected for their training needs, a graduation photograph and certificate, and a meeting with our Lodge & Learn training adviser to ensure you are ready to make the most of your graduate’s new skills.

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Benefits of Dog Training

This place is excellent. I was worried about leaving my pug Charlie at a boarding place while we went to the bay area for Memorial Day weekend. We came in and got a tour of the place and saw how well cared for the dogs were. When I picked him up I saw a very happy and excited dog who was more excited to see other dogs than me! He had two play dates and a grooming and the cost was reasonable. I even got a report card and photograph of Charlie playing that I thought was adorable. I will definitely be using this place next time we are out of town!
Erin F.

Why Choose Elaine’s Pet Resorts for Dog Training?

Our dog training facility offers:

Call us at (559) 432-5959 learn more on how your dog can benefit from training

Training Philosophy & Methods

At the Elaine’s Pet Resorts, we use dog-friendly techniques, including positive, reward-based reinforcement training. All training is individualized based on breed, age and temperament which means every training session is unique to each dog. Our award-winning dog training system is designed to do three things:

  1. Teach dogs to listen to your verbal commands through a positive, reward-based approach
  2. Teach you how to maintain a dog’s positive behaviors, and even improve more over time
  3. Ensure that the training “sticks” through ongoing support and coaching
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